Egill Fridgeirsson, MSc


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Egill received his MSc degree from Reykjavik University in Biomedical Engineering in 2012. Following that he worked for some years at the department of Clinical Engineering and IT as a project manager involved in the procurement and management of medical devices and information systems. After that he decided to pursue a PhD and will defend his thesis in the fall of 2021 on the topic of modelling the effects of neuromodulation treatments for psychiatric disorders. The work was done at the department of Psychiatry at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam.

Currently his interests lie in leveraging state of the art deep learning techniques such as self-supervised models, graph neural networks and transformers in the domain of large scale electronic medical records data. 


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Book chapters 

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Conference Papers 

Hu, S., Fridgeirsson, E.A., van Wingen, G., Welling, M., Transformer-based Deep Survival Analysis. AAAI spring symposium on Survival Prediction. 2020.