The team has developed or participated in the development of multiple open source tools.

R packages:

Tool Description
DrugMapping Tool for mapping drugs in a source vocabulary to RxNorm(Extension) concepts in the OMOP-CDM.
Eureka (Private) Eureka identifies and extracts MedDRA entities from the 4.1 Indication and 4.8 Undesirable effects section of European Summary of Product Characteristics for Centrally Authorised Products, using symbolic Natural Language Processing methods.


JCdmBuilder is a Java program that can be used to transform observational datasets from their native formats and schemas into the OMOP-CDM.
Jerboa The Jerboa software is developed to enable pharmaco-epidemiological studies in a so-called distributive network design, i.e. it runs de-identification, analysis and aggregation locally at each database site based on common input files.
Patient-Level Prediction  An R package for performing patient level prediction in an observational database in the OMOP-CDM.
QueryLibrary This is an R package that implements a library of standard queries that run against the OMOP-CDM.
RiskStratifiedEstimation An R package for performing effect estimation in risk strata derived from predictive models.
Tantalus An R package for comparing two versions of the Vocabulary.
TreatmentPatterns An R package to analyze treatment patterns of a study population of interest
Triton A covariate builder that constructs text representation covariates for a cohort in the OMOP-CDM.
 If you have any questions about these R packages please use the issue trackers in the repositories.


EHDEN Academy The EHDEN Academy is an e-learning environment used in the EHDEN project to train all its stakeholders to use the OMOP-CDM and OHDSI Tools.
 Keep an eye on this space since multiple new tools will be added soon.