Mees Mosseveld, MSc

Scientific Programmer

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After obtaining his MSc. in Informatics at the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1988 he started working at the Department of Medical Informatics at the Erasmus University (became part of the Erasmus MC in 2002) and developed the decision support systems HyperCritic, BloodLink, AsthmaCritic, and CholGate. In 1995 he also got involved in building and maintaining the IPCI database.

In 2010 he joined the development team of the data transformation tool Jerboa and its successor JerboaReloaded and developed the data entry tool Chameleon.

Besides software development, he also maintains the IPCI network infrastructure and provides support to the IPCI researchers working on the IPCI database. He is also administrator of the Remote Research Environment that is used in many international projects.

Since 2017 he is also involved in OHDSI and the OMOP Common Datamodel.



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