Renske Los, PhD

Assistant professor of Medical Informatics

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Renske Los is assistant professor of Medical Informatics. She holds both an MSc (University of Amsterdam 2001) and a PhD (Erasmus University Rotterdam 2006) in Medical Informatics and an MSc degree in Healthcare Management (Erasmus University Rotterdam 2004). Renske’s PhD work focused on supporting uniform representation of medical narratives for care and research.

After her PhD, Renske spent over a decade implementing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in various Dutch hospitals. As hands-on project leader she was involved in the entire implementation process, from requirements definition to end-user training, covering all disciplines in the hospital setting. During this time, Renske developed a passion for information, and is always looking for ways to optimize information and its use, preferably in healthcare.

Renske also spent over six years teaching Evidence Based Medicine and academic skills to graduate and postgraduate medical students at Erasmus MC. She is currently coordinator for the course ‘Medical Informatics and Organization of Healthcare’ in the bachelor Clinical Technology (Erasmus MC, TU Delft, Leiden University).

In the Health Data Science group Renske is working on facilitating the use of EHR data as source for evidence to answering clinical queries.



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